Shree Maharajji


Anjali Pandey lives in Kunda with her parents, two brothers and a younger sister. She studied at Rani Girija Devi Balika Intermediate College until Class 12. This is her 1st year in KMM, studying B.A. (Bachelor of Arts).

Q1. Why did you choose to study at KMM?

I have always wanted to study here, but due to our financial situation I couldn't. As soon as Shri Maharaj Ji announced that the college will be free, I took admission here.

If KMM wasn't free, my parents wouldn't have been able to continue my education after Class 12, because they can barely afford our monthly home expenses.

Q2. What kind of opportunities have you received at KMM?

I have learned many things here.

I am a member of National Service Scheme (NSS). I have always wanted to help others and I got this opportunity here at KMM. Through NSS, we go to surrounding villages and educate illiterate people about various social issues.

Q3. Have you seen any changes in yourself since you started studying at KMM?

Since I have started studying here, there have been changes in my personality. I have become much more confident and I have started to believe in myself. I know I can do something about my future.

Q4. What are your future goals?

I want to become a teacher.

I know for sure that I will be able to learn the skills, acquire all the qualities and gain the knowledge I need to become a good teacher from this college.



Anjali's PARENTS


Q1. Can you tell us a little bit about Anjali's life at home?

Anjali and her sister do all the housework because of which we get time to do farming and take care of the animals.


Q2. What can you tell us about KMM?    

Firstly, we are very grateful that KMM provides education for free. The college is well-known around here. It has essential facilities and an environment that is very safe and secure.

The students here are also very well disciplined.

We know if Anjali studies here, she will be able to get a good job and support herself and her family.

Q3. What do you think about education at KMM?

To have such a great college for girls within our reach is beyond our imagination. It's not only the environment, but the teachers here also care about the students' learning and personal growth.

The college gives the best of everything, and we know that she could have never gotten a better opportunity than this.

Free Education in India
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