Rules & Regulations

General rules


Students will be issued Photo Identification Cards at the time of Admission. Students must wear their Identification Card at all times and must be able to present it on demand by the College Officials. The college prohibits unauthorised entry into the college premises and campus facilities.


Students must attend all college-related activities in the specified college uniform.


Students must not bring valuables to college. The college will not be held responsible for any loss or theft of any such valuable items.


Students must not use electronic devices that may cause unnecessary disruption to the teaching/learning process on campus.


Students must comply with all safety regulations and instructions. The college prohibits misuse or tampering of safety equipments and devices.


Gambling, card games or any activity where making a set wager, playing for money or material is involved is prohibited on college premises or at college-sponsored functions.


KMM is a drug-free campus. Strict action will be taken against the student who is involved in the use, sale, distribution or possession of illegal drugs, misused legal drugs, alcoholic beverages or tobacco on college premises or at college-sponsored functions.


The college prohibits possession, storage, use, or threat of use of firearms, weapons, ammunitions, incendiary devices or explosives on college premises or at college-sponsored activity sites. The Principal will take strict and immediate action against the student violating this regulation, and the relevant legal authorities will be notified.


Students must obey all the applicable rules and regulations of the college, otherwise strict action will be taken against the student. The college also strictly prohibits violation of any federal, state or local laws and regulations.


KMM has an anti-ragging policy. The college will take strict action against those found guilty of ragging or of abetting ragging.

Library rules


Students must remain silent in the library.


Students must use all books and resources in a responsible manner. All books must be returned in the same condition as it was issued.


Strict action will be taken against the student who is caught stealing any item from the library from the college.

Laboratories Rules


Students must maintain silence and discipline in all the Laboratory during their practical experiments.


Students must not misuse any of the Laboratory equipments, materials, and resources.


Misbehaviour or misconduct in any of the Laboratories will not be accepted, and can result in the student being suspended from the college.

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Rules & Regulations