Competitions JKP EducationSpirit of healthy competition and appreciation of talent demonstrates a rounded attitude to life. Debates, recitations, dramatics, dances, singing, story telling, poetry and quiz programmes are conducted on a weekly basis at all levels.




Competitions JKP EducationStudents are taught to develop analytical skills, time management, reasoning, lateral thinking, improved reading, writing and public speaking in order to be up to date with the current events and technologies. Audio/Visual equipments are extensively used in this process. Students are constantly exposed to lectures and seminars by eminent guest speakers. Students are encouraged in organizing cultural meets, to showcase their talents, to promote teamwork, to display their managerial and leadership qualities.



ExcurssionsKMM believes in providing students with sound theoretical and practical education. KMM continuously contrives to provide its students with a wide range of practical education on fields and historical and religious places. Excursions are arranged for students to temples, national parks, cultural monuments, museums and other places of interest on a regular basis.

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