Laboratories Kripalu Balika Intermediate College



There are 6 Laboratories in KBIC, all artistically designed keeping in mind, everything that is required in order to impart the students with, quality practical training in their subjects.

1. Physics lab

2. Chemistry lab

3. Biology lab

4. Two Home Science labs

5. Science Lab

The school takes particular care of hygiene levels in its laboratories for the studentís healthy being.

Fire extinguishers are installed for the studentís safety and precautionary motive. Special care is taken in maintenance of these labs.



Library Kripalu Balika Intermediate College



The school library is a learning resource center in the widest sense as it houses information resources, expansive reading material and digital data with internet access.

The library is well stocked with a wide collection of books and CDs on a variety of subjects. Each student-computer station has access to the internet. Each child is encouraged to use the internet for reference work to prepare his/her projects. There are surveillance stations to monitor the students ‘stations to ensure that undesirable sites are not explored.

The school library fosters the development of life-long learning abilities and love for reading in the students. It also provides teachers with instructional material and professional resources. The program and services evolve directly from the school curriculum, as well as provide independent leisure reading. It also furthers literary appreciation programmes.

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