School Houses Kripalu Balika Intermediate College



In Kripalu Balika Intermediate College the House System has a special relevance. Not only is each house an autonomous unit under the care of a House Mistress, it is a structured community within which girls develop great feelings of loyalty, responsibility and leadership. House Captains and all other Student Officials in KBIC are girls who have poise, confidence and the ability to take initiative. Their views are encouraged and they are given considerable authority and responsibility. The School is divided into Four Houses, which compete on the games and the sports field and in a wide variety of other disciplines such as dance, music, debating, quizzing, dramatics etc.

The Four houses:

1. Ganga

2. Yamuna

3. Godaveri

4. Kaveri

These four houses are given weekly responsibilities towards the school assembly, discipline, cleanliness, corridor presentation etc. for which the houses are given points. At the end of each academic year these points are added up to the inter house competition points and the house resulting with the highest points is awarded with the House trophy of the year.

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